SmartRooms Energy Efficient Heating Systems from GreenHeat USA

Therma-Ray, Manufacturer of the SmartRooms family of electric radiant heating products has
established a stellar track record in over 3
0 years with million of installs.

SmartRooms Heating Systems combine the most natural form of heating with the latest in
comfort technology.

Radiant Heat

As sure as the sun shines, radiant heat is something with which we are all familiar. Think of the
way the world is warmed - a direct transference of heat from object to object, without fans,
pumps or hoses - silent, motionless and invisible.

SmartRooms Environment works exactly the same way. Unlike conventional heating, our
system automatically warms people and objects first, not the air. Just as the sun does, and that’s
what makes SmartRooms so smart.

Radiant rays, like light rays travel in straight lines until it meets an object that can absorb its
warmth. Radiant rays travel naturally from warmer objects to cooler objects.

Warmth is gently radiated to the objects in the room like walls, floor, furniture and most
importantly – You!

To quote a T
herma-Ray USA Customer – “It feels like walking in a bath of sunlight".
Dollar for Dollar, the Best Heating System on the Market Today !
Better than Tubes or Geothermal !                      Energy Rebates Available !

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